Business Computer Rentals Guide


Business Computer Rentals Guide

In any endeavor, businesses must watch the bottom line. The acquisition of new technology is no exception. Computer rentals are an ideal solution for businesses wanting to use current technology while staying on budget.

When can you make use of computer rentals? Anytime and anywhere. Consider:

• Conferences and tradeshows. In a busy exhibition hall, you need to stand out, but it hardly makes sense to purchase an LCD projector or plasma screen and a brand new, super-fast laptop. With computer rentals, and rentals of other equipment, you can get new equipment to create a dazzling audio-visual display without putting a huge dent in your hardware budget.

• Travel – Whether you are headed to the aforementioned tradeshow or going to a client meeting, computer rentals can save you the hassles of traveling with equipment. National vendors will deliver anywhere you need to go, so you can travel light. Or, if you have only a desktop in your office, take advantage of computer rentals to get a laptop for your next business trip. You can stay in touch and be productive while you travel.

• Training – If your company provides training to customers or is planning some internal training, computer rentals can give you all the hardware you need to set up a complete classroom. With the right vendor, you can even rent servers and printers to set up a mini-network dedicated to training.

When planning your computer rentals, be sure to consider the following points:

• If your project ends early, will you be penalized for returning equipment early? What about project overruns? Can you keep your equipment beyond the original end date of your rental agreement? Flexibility is incredibly important in computer rentals. Research vendors to find one with flexible rental options.

• What kind of inventory does the vendor have? Will you be getting new equipment from top manufacturers? Does the vendor have sufficient inventory to meet your needs?

• Can you change your equipment when new models come on the market? This option pertains mainly to long-term rentals, but you should ask your vendor before signing your rental agreement. After all, one of the benefits of computer rentals is access to the newest technology.

• The data on your rented computers also needs to be dealt with. Does the vendor wipe the machines clean after you return them? Also consider whether you need to rent a CD or DVD burner or hard drive to copy your data from your rented machine.

• Technical support is critical. Find out what’s involved in tech support for your computer rentals – phone, e-mail, on-site? What is the vendor’s response time? Does the vendor offer testimonials or references about their service?

Computer rentals from a reputable vendor are a cost-effective solution for any size of business. Do your research and you’re sure to find the equipment you need at a price you can afford. Take a quick run through with your computer rental expert to make sure you get the most out of the time you are spending with your audience.