Computer Forensics Training and Courses


Computer Forensics Training and Courses

Computers have greatly influenced the way we live and the way the world works. Criminals have adapted to the fast paced world. Crimes related to computers and information technology has steadily risen in the past few years. The interest in forensics has greatly risen due to the development of technology.

The need for computer forensics has risen due computer crimes. Criminals nowadays are smarter, technologically aware and sophisticated. Individuals whose careers are related to information technology can enroll in computer forensic courses.

Computer forensics is not just related to law enforcement and criminal matters. They are also not just hired by law enforcement agencies. Computer forensic analysts are needed in any situation where investigation of computer systems is involved.

This can be used in divorces, medical malpractice, and civil disputes. Computers are pretty much everywhere and are used in everyday living. They are also hired by organizations, companies and individuals who need them who have been victimized by computer crimes.

Training and courses

Anyone who has a degree or career related to information technology can enroll in the course. This includes troubleshooters, technicians, security auditors and professionals, network engineers and administrators, and IT security officers. Interested individuals can enroll in universities and colleges. There are many online schools scattered over the internet.

Some of them are offered by private organizations and institutions. The most important that you should remember is to get a comprehensive certification course.

Certification courses will train you to become a qualified computer forensic analyst. There are different certification courses with different curriculums. These courses also have different topics. Others can take as long as 8 days. Simple certification courses n the hand can take up to 3 days. The courses you will take will depend on what topic you want to study.

An example of this is the EnCase Certified examiner program. It offers certifications for those who have mastered the EnCase software. The EnCase software is well known in the field of computer forensics. Students will undergo a training course with a copy of the software.

Another one is the Advanced Information Security Certification. It is offered by the Security University which focuses on prevention and security risk management. They have eight courses to train students in planning, building and implementing security applications and related technology. It’s an advanced level of certification and students must have expertise in security technologies. The program has eight courses.

Students are required to attend eight classes on the AIS roadmap and pass an exam after completing a course. The cost of the exam is $1,200 to $2,500.

LC tech offers the Computer Forensic, Cybercrime and Security Training Curriculum. They offer certification in programs such as internet crimes against people and children, high tech criminal investigator 1 and 2, Network Security Intrusion and Detection, Advanced File System Recovery, Personal Digital Device Forensics, Presenting Digital Evidence at Trial and Certified Cybercrime First Responder.

If you are not ready yet for intensive training there you can enroll for a simple training program. The Advanced Computer Forensics Boot Camp offers a program that will teach you all about digital forensics in 3 days.

Deciding on which certification program will depend in what topic that you want to learn. Newcomers should study in a University while experienced professionals get advanced courses to keep them updated with the latest technology and security software.