Fiber Optics Security Systems


Fiber Optics Security Systems

The world is becoming one global community where it is possible contact with one another through the use computer and the Internet. Keeping in touch with a loved one who is in a far away place or in the other side of the planet, right at the comfort of your home was never thought possible until today. With the increasing number of people traveling through the information highways or the cyberspace one thing is made necessary to keep and to provide oneself with, security.

Infringement of one’s security is becoming one big issue that has come to the consciousness of every American who is willing to defend his or her security. Violation of one’s security is so pervasive that it happens anywhere even in those fiber optic data transmission dependent technologies, thus fiber optics security system, is selling like hotcakes in the U.S. market.

More and more companies are finding ways to create a foolproof fiber optic technology in transmitting data to almost any part of the world. National security is at stake if highly organized group whose ideology is to topple a country down has intruded the Intelligence network of one’s nation, thus crippling the economy and other vital pillars of the country. This concern calls for an efficient fiber optics security system.

Large multinational corporations are always on the lookout for fresher and more technologically advanced fiber optics security system in order to protect the company from the intrusion of other competitors that hacks into their fiber optics powered installations. Any fiber optic expert can intercept data transmitted into fiber optics pathway, by intruding into fiber optics lines without getting noticed.

American Tech Supply and Opterna have championed the cause in providing possible solution to fiber optic data transmission line intrusion. It has successfully invented what they call Fiber Sentinel, a system that will disable any hacker to get into the fiber optic system of an organization. The concept at play is that the Fiber Sentinel system guards the organization’s data transmission center from hackers or intruders, once the hacker is detected, the system will automatically reroute the hackers path away from the transmission line. After it is done the system will then notify that an intruder has been denied access. This innovation in fiber optics security system is only available to the National Defense Department of the U.S.

For the corporate world, Magiq Technologies Inc. has launched a fiber optics security system, which they named as Navajo Security gateway. The system works by sending an unhackable transmitted data into the fiber optic transmission lines. Quantum physics play a pivotal role in securing data from being intruded, a genius in fiber optics security system.

In a world where terrorism threaten one’s security depending one’s security is of paramount importance, and fiber optics has done its fair share of the responsibility.