Home Base Business Ideas. 100% Success If You Copy These Home Base Business Ideas


Home Base Business Ideas. 100% Success If You Copy These Home Base Business Ideas

People buy from those they know and like. They resist sales effort from everyone else. — SBI! Action Guide, DAY 1.

Home base business ideas. The Fine Art of Pre-selling a Product or service

It is a known fact that about 95% of websites fail within the first year. Even the ones with awesome products, great design and a streamlined checkout process.

Why is this?

Everywhere you look you’ll see websites that do nothing but sell, sell, sell and then sell some more. These sites have missed the boat and stand to be among the 95% that fail.

Home base business ideas… Remember the quotation above and hold onto your hat!

People will buy from someone they know and/or like. That is the key point to pre-selling and it is more important on the Internet than anywhere else.

This is because the customer cannot see you, hear you or interact with you in any palpable way. You need to earn their trust and earn their respect as an authority on whatever it is they are looking for.

Let’s use a simple example; You walk into a shoe store and the moment your feet cross the threshold, a salesman assails you with the daily specials, sale items and such.

You feel pressed, uncomfortable and you don’t even know this person throwing information at you. At this point your tendency would be to leave the store.

This exact scenario is played out every day on home base business websites from Japan to New England.

This is where the concept of pre-selling comes into play. Rather than hard sell your visitors right off the bat, go a different route with them. Offer some information about you and mention, ever so softly, your credentials.

Show the visitor on your website that you are a person just like them. This will put them at ease and begin to gain their trust. Now you have opened a mindset known as the “open to buy” mindset.

All this means is that the visitor now has an open mind about you, even though he/she doesn’t know they are going to buy anything yet. Pre-selling is not about push, press and grab the wallet.

You need home base business ideas which teach you about finesse, gaining trust and maintaining credibility.

Like we said above, people will buy from someone they know and trust. The art of pre-selling accomplishes exactly that. Your website visitors need to know that there is a real person behind the web page.

On the Internet, visitors are very wary about pulling out their credit card. They want to feel at ease about who they do business with.

Your product or service should be strong enough to sell itself, so all you have to do is convince the visitor that YOU are trustworthy.

Let’s go back to the shoe store for a moment; This time when you walk into the store, a young man comes up and tells you his name. Then he comments on how your son reminds him of his own baby at home.

Then he just says if you need anything, I’ll be around, and leaves you to look around on your own terms. He knows that you need shoes because YOU’RE IN A SHOE STORE!

The product will sell itself. He just wants you to know he’s there when you are ready…

“That’s what pre-selling is about. Learn it and learn it well, it is the only home base business idea with guaranteed results!”