How Does The New Playstation 3 Compare?


How Does The New Playstation 3 Compare?

About the new Playstation 3 gaming system, many serious gamers are saying, “sign me up!” Featuring the new Blu-Ray technology and up to a 60gb hardrive, this is one game system that experts say could last for some time to come. Others are still on the fence.

The original Playstation system was introduced in the United States in 1995 and Playstation 2 followed in 2000. In early 2006, Sony announced the end of production for Playstation 2 as it began working toward the much ballyhooed introduction of the high-tech and next-generation Playstation 3.

So why should someone pony up nearly $600 for the new Playstation? There are several factors driving the success of this new gaming system.

* Featuring high-tech HD technology, the graphic capabilities of the new Playstation 3 are much improved over former models. The PS3 features IBM’s “Cell” processor and a processor that allows the machine to make two trillion calculations per second.

* PS3 games are encoded on the new high-tech Blu-Ray discs, which hold six times more data than traditional CDs. Sony executives predict this will lead to many new popular game franchises and the return of some old favorites. The use of the Blu-Ray technology combined with the powerful processor is promising game players more intricate games featuring incredible graphics.

* You don’t have to buy all new games. The PS3 will play Playstation and PS2 games as well. The system comes with a hard drive, a SD slot, a Compact Memory flash slot, and slots for Memory Stick Duo.

* Online capabilities. Like the Xbox 360, you can connect with other players online when playing PS3 games, as well as download content from the internet. This multi-player concept is sure to bring more players to the table as video games try to compete with that popular aspect of computer gaming.

* New, intuitive controller. Many gamers intuitively move their hands or whole bodies when playing games, even if such movements change nothing about how you’re playing the game. Sony has taken this and turned it into a special feature of the new controller. The controller features a super-precision, 6-axis sensing system that can accurately detect fine movements to control games. Future PS3 games, then, will be controlled by the movements of your hands, and not just your thumbs on the controller. That means, for example, you might be able to play a driving game while “steering” your hands with the controller.

* The option to spend a bit less on the system (and get less). The base model, which features only a 20gb hard drive, can be had for about $499. The larger, 60gb model, is $599 retail. This, of course, assumes you can find one. Initially the old “sorry, we can’t keep up with demand” manufacturer cry will be heard in order to increase demand.

Now, most gamers admit that this system will be superior to anything else available right now. It’s the newest, hottest game system out right now. But, there are a few cons that rub up against the pros. They include:

* This system is not a slim case like the PS2. It’s bigger and heavier, weighing in around 11 pounds.

* To get the superior HD output, you have to dig deeper in your pockets and pony up the $600, as the lesser-priced version doesn’t feature the highest quality graphics capabilities.

* Many argue that for the high prices of the PS3, you could simply buy a new computer or upgrade your current computer so it can run the high-quality games that feature the incredible graphics and playing features that have so many computer gamers leaving video game systems in the closet.