It’s The Little Things That Matter: Mobile CRM And Its Advantages


It’s The Little Things That Matter: Mobile CRM And Its Advantages

Gone are the times when deals are closed with
face-to-face meetings, where service call reports and
proposals pile up in offices and those late hours
where people have to frantically rush over to offices
for deadlines. The modes of communication have now far
transcended the sweet nothings of lovers in opposite
areas of the world and sponsorship agreements of firms
across time zones in the 90’s tech boom.

Today, immense amounts of data depict inventory
controls, consumer interactions and sales forecasting
bolt through the Communications & Media superhighway,
landing on the desks of managers, partners and the
like, perusing on those priceless data for that
competitive advantage in their industries.

A lean, quick and efficient workplace is crucial to an
enterprise’s success; and even though Mobile CRM takes
a lot out of the company’s funds, there is no better
opportunity to improve upon on the sales and marketing
weaknesses of the firm and build upon its strengths.
In the long run, Mobile CRM takes advantage of best
communications technology and actually gives the bang
for the firm’s buck.


As corporations get larger, the importance of the
mobility of data through different areas in the world
also heightens in staggering degrees. Certain tastes
in the Chinese market may hamper with an American
corporation’s thrust towards globalizing its brand.

In order to tackle these kinds of problems, the firm
must dig for information, scouring the land for
snippets of culture to gain insight on these specific
consumers’ tastes and needs. Inventory reports must be
shown periodically to Brand managers, in order to
adjust their marketing strategies to adjust the tab of
market demand to adhere perfectly to the companies’

Every little detail is integral for corporations,
especially multinationals, in order to discover common
consumer likes and finally think of “China’s
Coca-Cola”. Such is the beauty of mobility in a
globalized economy, and Mobile CRM gives the companies
these agile strides for better efficiency and

Fuel up sales

The primary reason Mobile CRM is very beneficial to a
company is how it tracks every facet of the firm’s
moves, from a sales consultant in London, a brand
strategist in Singapore, all reporting on demand
shifts, inventory surpluses and more to the
headquarters a thousand miles away. Again, this
regular updating of databases influential to a
company’s business decisions gets to where it heads
to, in record time, to the Project Manager, who makes
the necessary adjustments for the success of his team.
This in turn helps them avoid catastrophic mistakes,
which can potentially cost them millions of dollars.


A simple look at our industries tell everything about
the importance of mobility: tech companies concocting
ideas on what could be the next biggest trend, asking
themselves what is the next Motorola RAZR or Apple
iPod. It’s a race for innovation for these types of
companies where relentless focus group discussions,
surveys and interviews are held, drafted and given,
respectively. Mobile CRM helps them get to that level.
Everything from company image and sales reports are
written in intricate databases which are passed along
and discussed by different groups of the organization,
all focused to do one thing: hitting the market at the
sweet spot, and consequently getting the jackpot.