Lucrative Home Business


Lucrative Home Business

Looking for a fun and profitable home based Internet business to make money online? Consider selling used, collectible, and vintage needlework books and patterns over the Internet. I have been an online bookseller for a number of years, specializing in these types of publications. The field is wide open for anyone wanting to earn extra money or start a profitable small business.

Online book selling is a huge business. Many successful Internet booksellers specialize in particular book topics to increase profits and repeat sales. How to books and pattern leaflets are in steady demand by needleworkers. Used and older publications are readily available and inexpensive for dealers to buy. Often there are no just a few similar titles for sale by competing dealers.

This article will teach you how to recognize vintage needlework books and patterns and where to buy them. How to price your publications, where to sell used and old books for maximum profits.

What to Buy
Buying the correct books and patterns to offer for sale will insure your success. Buyers are looking for publications focused on particular needlework techniques or craft items, instead of general instructions.

For instance, a book on making beaded flowers is likely to be in demand. A general how-to bead book is not. Likewise, a pattern booklet on tatting Christmas decorations will probably sell better than a general guide to tatting stitches.

Profitable Topics
Used and antique books on particular subjects are in high demand:

Knitting & Crochet – books and patterns on shawls, stoles, hats, dolls, toys, beaded, embellished, loom knitting

Tatting – most anything related

Quilting – Books and patterns on special or unusual techniques of all kinds or unusual quilted items

Beading – Books and patterns on beaded flowers, trees, Christmas ornaments, rings, bracelets

Sewing – Books and patterns on 1950s, retro (1960s – 70s) fashions and accessories of all kinds, costumes, soft toys and dolls

This is just a small sampling of what’s available to the seller. There are hundreds of focused topics that have been published in vintage needlework books and patterns.

How to Recognize Collectible Books & Patterns

Publications that are 30 years old or more are usually considered to be “vintage”. These often include techniques and projects not available in modern books. How to books can be soft cover or hardback. Often small older soft covers offer the most focused (and profitable!) subject matter.

Pattern leaflets are soft covers usually under 30 pages. These older pattern booklets are popular with needle workers as they usually are packed with vintage pattern designs and ideas.

Where to Buy Used and Antique Needlework Books & Patterns
There are numerous places to buy these publications for resale:

Garage Sales:
A great source. Both books and pattern leaflets are usually priced inexpensively.

Rummage Sales:
Another good source for low priced publications.

Estate Sales:
Fine source for old and vintage books and patterns, though prices are higher.

Second Hand & Thrift Stores:
Local independent stores usually offer the lowest prices. Pattern books and leaflets usually are priced cheaply.

Used Bookstores:
Prices are often too high on hardbacks, but small softcovers and pattern leaflets often are priced inexpensively.

There are other sources where you can find books – auctions, other online dealers etc. You should be able to find as ready supply of publications priced for now more than a dollar or two.

Where to Sell Your Used Books & Patterns:
There are two main places to sell your old books and vintage patterns online:

Internet Book Stores:
Online sites such as Advanced Book Exchange, Alibris, and Amazon offer booksellers a place to have their own store like set-up without many of the responsibilities of small business ownership. Each site gives dealers a place to list and describe and sell each of their publications. Check out these sites to learn about their individual advantages and differences.

Internet Auctions:
Online auctions are plentiful and provide book dealers another place to sell their books and patterns. My favorite is eBay, which offers a continual built-in market for your publications.

Wherever you prefer to buy or sell, old, used, and collectible needlework books and vintage patterns offer a fun niche for a lucrative home Internet business.