NES Game Systems: A Great Way to Relive Old Games


NES Game Systems: A Great Way to Relive Old Games

With the different kinds of gaming consoles appearing in the market today that are integrated with the latest graphics and audio technology, you will find it hard to imagine that one of these gaming console originated from a simple and humble beginnings. If you are familiar with the Nintendo GameCube, you have to know that it all originated in a gaming console called Nintendo Entertainment System or NES.

When Nintendo is mentioned, the first thing that comes into a person’s mind is video games. It is a fact that Nintendo has been producing and manufacturing different kinds of gaming consoles since the video game market was still in its infancy.

Unlike the gaming consoles that you see today that were developed by Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is purely in the gaming industry. Sony is known for their hardware and Microsoft on the other hand is known for developing software. Nintendo have been in the business of video games for a long time and still remains as one of the best manufacturers of gaming consoles today.

With the Nintendo Game Cube, you would almost never expect that Nintendo also developed a primitive gaming console that was one of the most popular in the world. Nintendo started out with NES or the Nintendo Entertainment System.

NES is one of the more popular video gaming consoles in its time and is also one of the best selling video gaming console. The games in NES were simple but really entertaining, such as the Mario Bros. and Tetris.

In fact, NES games are so entertaining that many people today who owned NES gaming console are still hooking up their old NES gaming console to their TV and play their old NES games. It is also a fact that the entertaining features of NES games still attracts people from buying the console over the internet or download NES games that they can play in their own computer.

NES gaming console were in fact the best selling console of the company. Even their latest gaming console called the GameCube can’t compete in terms of sales against the NES. Nintendo had an estimated 61.9 million dollars in sales for NES worldwide while GameCube only sold units for only 20.9 million dollars. It may be because of the other competition in the gaming console industry but this proves that NES is one of the best gaming consoles ever developed in the world.

NES also has a wide variety of games. With this feature, many people have been playing NES for a lot of years until the arrival of a more advanced gaming system developed by different companies, such as Sony and Microsoft.

However, the popularity of NES didn’t entirely die. There are still lots of people who like playing NES games with NES gaming console. However, NES games are also readily available in the internet where you can download it for a price.

You have to consider that NES, although has primitive games, develops entertaining games as well. If you have played with a NES before, you know how entertaining their games can be. With a lot of popular game titles, you will surely never run out of games to play with the NES.

So, if you feel like playing NES games again, all you have to do is hook your NES gaming console to your TV, choose the game you want to play and relive the time when you where still young and loved to play different NES games.

With NES, even your kids will enjoy playing with the old games. Even if you have the latest gaming console with different game titles, you will surely want to play with the NES over and over again.

However, if you don’t have a NES gaming console, you can still buy it through the internet. Or, you can download NES games and play it in your home PC. There are different emulators available today that will enable you to play NES games.

Playing with NES games is a great way to entertain yourself and relive the past. If you get tired of the same old games that are available today in the latest gaming console, you can easily step back and play simple and fun games for NES. Hook it up in your TV and start playing with the most popular gaming console ever sold in the market.