Nintendo DS Game Systems: Handheld Gaming at Its Finest


Nintendo DS Game Systems: Handheld Gaming at Its Finest

When people hear the word Nintendo, they will usually think of a company that manufactures quality gaming console and they will also think of great games and great entertainment.

For more than two decades now, Nintendo is still manufacturing and developing great gaming systems that everyone enjoys. The people working in Nintendo always works hard everyday to keep their customers interested and entertained and develop new forms of gaming console for people to buy.

If you remembered the NES or Nintendo Entertainment System, you know how Nintendo literally revolutionized the way the world see video game systems and are continuing to do so. Today, you will see different popular gaming console popping out of the market. You will see that the technology in the gaming world have since vastly improved in terms of graphics and sound technology. The game play has even changed. More realism in games has made it more fun to play for everyone.

Nintendo is also famous for their GameBoy, one of the most famous handheld gaming systems in the world. In the market of handheld gaming systems, Nintendo is still competitive besides the fact that many game system manufacturers are also developing and releasing famous brands of their versions of handheld gaming system.

If you are familiar with Nintendo, you will be familiar with their products, such as GameBoy, GameBoy Advance, and their latest, the GameBoy DS, which the company claims will again revolutionize the world see handheld gaming.

With today’s technology, it will seem that every bit of features that you want to find in a handheld gaming system is now possible. Now, with Nintendo DS, a successor to their previous Nintendo GameBoy Advance, many gamers will certainly want to have this new generation of handheld gaming system.

So, you may now ask what is so special about this new handheld game system called the Nintendo DS.

First of all, Nintendo DS stands for Dual Screen. It has 3D rendered graphics with ultra bright screens. Nintendo claims that it will deliver the latest technologies in handheld gaming existing today.

Another great thing about Nintendo DS is that you, as a player, can now be able to play with or against anyone wherever they are in the world as long as they have a Nintendo DS and an internet connection. This is now possible because Nintendo DS can connect wirelessly through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and you can play with or challenge players around the world.

The two bright screens of Nintendo DS can produce 3D views with great quality that can really surpass images displayed in Nintendo 64. Nintendo DS is also integrated with touch screen technology. The lower screen in the Nintendo DS is capable of touch screen technology that is never before seen in any handheld gaming system in the world.

With the touch screen technology, you will be able to navigate through menus or access different items on the game or you can even move your character with the use of a stylus or your fingertips. This means that you will no longer be dependent on the buttons to do all the actions in the game.

Not only that, another way to interact with the game is through a built in microphone port. This means that with Nintendo DS, you can tell your games what to do. This provides a greater way for you to interact with your games.

If you like your old GameBoy Advance games and you still want to play with it with Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS game system offers a separate media port for GameBoy Advance cartridges in single player mode.

So, if you need a one of a kind handheld game system that offers great features, then Nintendo DS is just right for you. With all the technologies mentioned, you can be sure that you will really get quality graphics and as well as flexibility for your games.

Just imagine what you can do with Nintendo DS. No longer will you be bound on playing single player or two player modes with your friends, but you can also play with others from all over the world through Nintendo’s latest offer.

Playing with Nintendo DS will definitely change the way you look at handheld game systems. If you try playing with Nintendo DS, you will surely want one for your own.