Wholesale and Drop Shipper work together


Wholesale and Drop Shipper work together

The wholesale business has become a very active business while being a person who sells wholesale products you also need a delivery method. A good delivery method is the drop shipper who takes on the responsibility of delivery for you and maintains a large amount of stock for your business. We have mentioned many of the online wholesalers previously now I would like to mention one that we are all familiar.

Sam’s Club a division of the Wal-Mart foundation provides for the business member the capability of having an online business.

The business member has many opportunities with Sam’s Club to set up and maintain an online storefront. Sam’s Club has the following opportunities:

– A five page website
– Industry templates to get you started
– Everything you need to get your business online and it is all complimentary!
– Domain Name
– Complete Business E-mail
– Maps and driving directions for your customer
– Weather reports right on the site
– Image Gallery
– The website is self edit
– Customer database Capability
– Event Calendar
– Polls and surveys
– Shopping Cart
– Tax and shipping Calculator
– Inventory Management

Sam’s Club provides the best example of the uniting of wholesale and drop ship method to have your online business. Sam’s Club makes it fast, easy, and affordable.

Oriental Trading Company, which began many years ago, started with the catalog order system. OTC provided many different novelty items that you could buy for resale and have shipped by a drop shipper. A pioneer in the wholesale and drop ship business OTC has lasted a long time and offers products at great prices. They also offer you the ability to be an affiliate and earn money by having your own website.

The combining of wholesale products with drop shipping has helped increase the retail business very much. The idea of having someone holding millions of products just for you and that you do not have to pay for him or her but can sell him or her and make a profit have been a boom.

The best method to combining the two procedures is by use of a directory. We all need a road map at times to find our way. It is very helpful to have a good directory so that you will know whom to use and how. The wholesalers catalog is very helpful in providing you with the names of wholesalers, manufacturers, and drop shippers. The Wholesalers catalog provides onetime special deals, closeouts, liquidations, below wholesale prices, including pallet loads and even truck loads from around the internet. You can buy in quantity or buy one product at the time. This is great for those who sell on eBay. Just browse through the categories or use search to see for yourself the endless possibilities. The Wholesale Catalog Company has spent many hours and had their representative’s travel everywhere to put together this catalog just for you. The Wholesalers catalog constantly adds so that you are up to date on products and drop shippers.